A women’s story

This story begins with two entrepreneur sisters: Antònia and Maita Magrané, who 30 years ago dared to start a company offering English extracurricular classes for children from 3 years old. An innovative activity on that time.

The idea was never considered before as many parents were becoming interested in sending their children to stay in England.

Because of such response, they decided to create a tourism agency specialized in sending school groups to London with short stays with families from the place, and they started to get students from abroad motivated to learn Spanish and interested in our country and our culture.

While the idea was being developed, Antònia and Maite sorrounded themselves with a women’s team, especially talented with human relations and with the capacity to give solutions to the clients. A fundamental skill for business and services offered to the society.

Soon after, not only they were organizing the London stays and trips around Spain, but also Cum Laude started to organize end-of-school trips, language stays, summer programs, etc., that allowed the company to grow and strengthen.

Nowadays, Viatges Cum Laude counts on a team of 18 people, motivated and professional, distributed on two different departments: incoming and outgoing.

17 of us are women, all of us with fixed contracts (the dream of any politic from these days regarding labor issues).

This is our story that we hope with illusion that will be long and succesful for everyone, as the relation stablished between Cum Laude’s team and our clients enrich us and makes us happy day to day.