Family Centers Catalog



Barcelona, thanks to its strategic location between the sea and mountains, its great artistic and cultural heritage, and the open character of its inhabitants, is an ideal destination to learn a language and to enjoy a holiday. With a pleasant climate and emblem of the genius Gaudi, it can boast about having one of our most charismatic family centers.

With more than twenty years of experience of welcoming groups of students from neighboring countries, and making their stay with us an unforgettable experience and a good opportunity to create the first bond with the land of Don Quijote. This link is created through families that accompany students each day and a coordinator that is responsable for their relationship along with professors or responsible monitors that accompany them. The affection and the kindness with which the families, many of whom with a long experience, welcome their guests are comparable to the rigor and profesional which defines the role of the coordinator.

So we offer to the groups the opportunity to have a magnificent experience and complete the knowledge of the language and Spanish culture. There is no doubt that the families of Barcelona will be very happy to welcome you.



Along the coast of the Maresme there are different fishermen villages, very quiet and near the sea and sandy beaches.  At 18km from the center of Barcelona, there is the nearest family center of the coast and at 30 km is the farthest. We have many families who for many years collaborated hosting students with an excellent dedication in all its aspects.

Knowing its dishes, habits and refining the language in a familiar and relaxed environment are some of the benefits that drive the students to choose to stay in a family of the Maresme area. The students receive a friendly welcome and are accompanied each day at the meeting point. The villages of the Costa del Maresme have areas of culture, museums, traditional houses, and leisure areas, restaurants, pubs, shops etc. Convinced that the stay was very relaxed, both for the teachers and students, Maresme will be waiting for you to return.


The family centers of the Valles are located in the mountainous part near Barcelona. We have several family centers available throughout the region of the Vallés, at a distance from Barcelona of 14km the closest and 40km the farthest.

All are mostly easily accessible to Barcelona by public transport or by bus.

Our family centers of the Vallés have a unique meeting point, which is usually located near a green park and with ample space to park the bus and can comfortably make the introduction of children to families.

Students are accompanied daily by our families and our coordinators are always present at the meeting point.

The families of the Vallés  lodge the groups with great care and do their best to make sure they feel at home. Our families who give all to their guests make sure that their stay is comfortable and warm. They are always willing to satisfy all their needs, preparing breakfast and having dinner with them. Use this opportunity to interact and share opinions. The homes of our families are all equipped. Do not hesitate to visit our family centers in the Vallés, it will be a unique experience!!!


The family centre in Alicante is located in the heart of the city only minutes from the beach, the shops and the train station, RENFE, museums, restaurants and all the amenities of this small city. There is one meeting point and all the housesare located next to each other. Our families have been selected carefully so the students feel at home. We are waiting you with open arms!


The family centre in Valencia is composed by families meticulously selected, as host students is suitable to families with ability and dedication. The deal is very family friendly, as if they were at home. The stretch is very familiar and welcoming, as if they were at home.

We offer to the students a varied diet, Mediterranean and typical of Valencia so they can not only get rich linguistically but they can also learn about our culinary culture.

In most cases, children continue to maintain contact with the families of Valencia , a sign of the good work of these . That children always remember their family in Valencia is proof that they have lived a great experience in Valencia.

It is very satisfying that keep coming year after year groups and the schools suggest the same families and the same meeting points.


The families centre of Madrid have more than 15 years of experience. We are located in a typical Madrid neighbourhood, where all families are very real and live with passion to host students.

The area is a mixture of modern buildings and historic buildings, and all the houses are very cosy. In the evenings families often take students to walk and enjoy the beauty of the parks in Madrid or spend the afternoon in a mall.

The Families daily accompany the students in morning and evening at the meeting point. Families receive students with love; Helping them to integrate into the family life in a  friendly and generous way, to make their stay unique and unforgettable.

In Madrid fun it is guaranteed.


The family center of Salamanca is located in the city center . The families are all very close to the meeting point. Salamanca has a pedestrian center where the students can walk and use to make shopping. Families are very welcoming and we have been working together for many years. In Salamanca surely you will feel at home.