Family Centers Catalog



Barcelona, thanks to its strategic location between sea and mountains, and its great artistic and cultural heritage and the open character of its inhabitants, is an ideal destination to learn a language and to enjoy a holiday. With a pleasant climate and emblem of the genius Gaudi, it can boast of having one of our most charismatic family centre. With more than twenty years, giving the welcome to groups of students from neighboring countries, and making their stay with us an unforgettable experience and a good opportunity to create the first bond with the land of Don Quijote. This link is created through families that accompany each day students and the coordinator is appointed to receive them together with professors or monitors that accompany them. The affection and the kindness with which the families, many of whom with a long experience, welcome their guests are comparable to the rigor and profesional which defines the role of the coordinator. So we offer to the groups the opportunity to have a magnificent experience and complete the knowledge of the language and Spanish culture. You can not have doubts the families of Barcelona will be very happy to welcome you.



Badalona a roman¬† city “Baetulo” was founded in the ‘year 100. B.c.nIts prosperity is had to the cultivation of the vineyard and the exportation of wine. Badalona currently keep a good number of proofs of its roman age and the example more alive is the “Casa de los delfines” (house of dolphins), the garden of Quinto Licinio and the thermal baths.

Under the square di font i cusso near the museum of Badalona,,you can see the streets and shops of the old beatulo that may visit our groups. In Badalona there are many things to see as the famous “castellers” of Badalona (human towers).

In Badalona there is a shopping centre that makes you get up on the “paseo maritimo”, of 5 km borded by highest palms and leading to the port across the “puente del petroleo” that brings you in the middle of the sea. You also find the distillery “anis del mono” founded in 1868, a jewel of the catalan modernism. Our families of Badalona are the best warranty, are warm and tender with children since many families are working with us since nine years. In the afternoons the families show the most enchanting corners of Badalona to the students.

We are very well connected to Barcelona, just 10km. 25 minutes by subway to the city centre and by train 15 minutes.

If you come to Badalona surely it will enchant.



Along the coast of the Maresme there are different fishermen villages, very quiet and near the sea and sandy beaches.  At 18km from the center of Barcelona, there is the nearest family center of the coast and at 30 km the farther. We have many families who for many years collaborated hosting students with an excellent dedication in all its aspects.

Knowing its dishes, habits and refine the language in a familiar and relaxed environement are some of the benefits that drive the students to choose to stay in a family of the Maresme area. The Students receive a friendly welcome and are accompanied each day at the meeting point. The villages of the Costa del Maresme have areas of culture, museums, traditional houses, and leisure areas, restaurants, pubs, shops etc. Convinced that the stay must be very quiet, so much for the teachers and for the students, the Maresme is waiting for you sure that you  will repeat the stay.


The family centers of the Valles are located in the mountainous part near Barcelona. We have several family centers distributed throughout the region of the vallés, at a distance from Barcelona among 14km the closer and 40km the further.

All are mostly well communicated with Barcelona by public transport or by bus.

Our family of centers of the Vallés have a unique meeting point, which is usually located near a green park and with ample space to park the bus and can comfortably make the distribution of children in families.

Students are accompanied daily by our families and our coordinators are always present at the meeting point.

The families of the Vallés  lodge with a great care all groups and do the best to make they feel at home. Are families who give all to their guests making sure that their the stay is comfortable and warm. Always are willing to satisfy all their needs, preparing breakfast and have dinner with them. Moments that are also used to interact and to have an exchange of views. The homes of our families are all equipped. Do not hesitate to visit our centers of the Vallés, it will be a unique experience !!!


Tarragona is a small city, with all services, well connected and with unsurpassed features, both from the cultural side and from the recreational side.
Tarragona is a Human Heritage for its history linked to Roman times.

Intangible Human Heritage for its ‚ÄúCASTELLS‚ÄĚ and for its mediterranean diet.

All the families of Tarragona have many years of experience in hosting students, making them feel at home, as much for the food as for the manners. so that their stay is as pleasant as possible. So their stay will be as pleasant as possible.

The coordinator is always very careful to make all running good.


Our hosting center is equidistant from Barcelona and Valencia. The Delta Ebro has become an ideal destination for natural activities in a unique environment. Since 21 years we host in the Delta Ebro groups of students of Spanish. We rely on a network of families who allow us to realize this project providing an accessible and quality service. Our centers of the Delta del Ebro, include the villages of Deltebre, L‚Äô Ampolla and St. Jaume d’Enveja. In the villages of L’Ampolla and Sant Jaume d’Enveja there is only a meeting point where the families accompany the children. In the village of Deltebre there are 3 meeting ponts. Because it is a large village, 11km.


The family centre in Alicante is located in the heart of the city only minutes from the beach, the shops and the train station, RENFE, museums, restaurants and all the amenities of this small city. There is one meeting point and all the housesare located next to each other. Our families have been selected carefully so the students feel at home. We are waiting you with open arms!


Thefamily centre in Valencia is composed by families meticulously selected, as host students is suitable to families with ability and dedication. The deal is very family friendly, as if they were at home. The stretch is very familiar and welcoming, as if they were at home.

We offer to the students a varied diet, Mediterranean and typical of Valencia so they can not only get rich linguistically but they can also learn about our culinary culture.

In most cases, children continue to maintain contact with the families of Valencia , a sign of the good work of these . That children always remember their family in Valencia is proof that they have lived a great experience in Valencia.

It is very satisfying that keep coming year after year groups and the schools suggest the same families and the same meeting points.


At 30km from Valencia, there is a very familiar family centre. Most of the families live in very spacious villas, and are enchanting. With the arrival of the students all the people of the village are happy. Being a small town, students can stroll through its streets, surrounded by vegetable gardens and by nature. We are sure that a stay in our family centre will be unforgettable. Come to try it.


The families centre of Madrid have more than 15 years of experience. We are located in a typical Madrid neighbourhood, where all families are very real and live with passion to host students.

The area is a mixture of modern buildings and historic buildings, and all the houses are very cosy. In the evenings families often take students to walk and enjoy the beauty of the parks in Madrid or spend the afternoon in a mall.

The Families daily accompany the students in morning and evening at the meeting point. Families receive students with love; Helping them to integrate into the family life in a  friendly and generous way, to make their stay unique and unforgettable.

In Madrid fun it is guaranteed.


Our family center is located in the heart of the remarkable city of Alcala de Henares, ancient Roman city named Complutum , birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes , the city of Languages, cornerstone of the word and expression , since 1499 first University City and in 1998 declared  World Heritage Site by Unesco .

Alcal√° de Henares it is also known , among other things , for its gastronomy and particularly for its tapas that you can try through the historic quarter of the city of Cervantes . A great way to combine the visit of historic and gastronomic heritage of the city in any season.

In most cases all the families live near the only meeting point that we have in Alcala , and those do not live near the meeting point daily they accompany the students.


The family center of Torrejon de Ardoz is located in the east part of the community of Madrid, near Barajas airport, 20 km from Madrid city centre. It has approximately 130,000 inhabitants. Torrejon de Ardoz is a city with history, was founded in the twelfth century. Over the centuries it has evolved to become a modern, family, friendly city. In the center of the city there is a pedestrian zone, where you can enjoy a quiet walk between small and interesting shops. The pedestrian zone ends in a square with a beautiful church..

In the “Europa Park ” you can walk and see copies of the most important European monuments . In addition there are multisport spaces, or where you can row on the lake , cycling , etc.
Torrejon’s families receive students with love , helping them to develop social and language skills in a warm, cozy and fully trusted environment. With its friendly and generous treatment the students get part of the family. Torrejon have two meeting points. Families accompany students every day during the stay in the morning and afternoon.


The families of Santander family center are just outside the city, as most of the families live in terraced houses.

Santander is a very quiet town, so it is ideal for groups of very young students.

The families have a long history in welcoming the children and know how to conquer, walking with them in the city center or taking them for a walk to the Castillo de la Magdalena.

Stand out that our coordinator is an official guide and is always ready to provide all information so the groups enjoy Santander.

Santander is the best choice if you are looking for tranquility and good experiences.


The linguistic stays center was created in 1996 in Santiago, university town, dynamic and welcoming. Our families are affectionately and integrate very well the students who come to live with them, helping them to improve the knowledge of our language, culture and enjoy our cuisine, always returning to his country with large and wonderful memories and look forward to return to repeat the experience.



The family center of Sevilla is centrally located, within 30 minutes we found the Cathedral.

It’s worth coming to see its environment and breath its perfumes. If you come in spring you will be enchanted, and almost all the groups come back to Sevilla and with his family. All¬† the surroundings have something special that you never forget. Its monuments, its streets, its people, its environment.

All the families have a lot of experience and are very kind with the students and many of them are crying of displeasure because they have to leave, which is a good sign for the affection is created. In Sevilla there are different meeting points according to the volume of the group, so that it is convenient for all. There are many reasons to visit Sevilla …. I hope you choose to come and visit us! See you there!

Kisses. Ana Luna


The family center of Cordoba is located in a quiet neighborhood. There is a shopping center right next to the meeting point. Ideal for last minute shopping and leisure.

Host families and responsible, we are one big family. They are hard workers, they enjoy staying with the groups and the majority are very experienced . I really love my job, to receive the groups.

Among them there are variety of families… families with children, families with teenagers, middle-aged couples and some single women.
The houses are within a 10 minute walk or even closer. No need accompaniments. They help each other and ensure perfectly show them the way to reach the hosting house.

Normally there’s one meeting point for the group. For the sun, its people and its culture … C√≥rdoba enchant!

Come and meet us!!!! “”. Carmen


Granada, Elvira Street, where the manolas live, who go to the Alhambra in threes and fours, alone. One is dressed in green, the other in mauve, the third wears a Scotch bodice with ribbons to the train. The two in front are herons, the one behind, a dove; along the poplar lane they open mysterious muslins. Ay, how dark is the Alhambra! Where will the Manolas go while the fountain and the rose suffer in the shade? Which lovers will expect them? Under which myrtle will they rest? Whose hands will steal the perfume from their two round flowers?

No one goes with them, no one; two herons and a dove. But there are gallants in the world who hide behind leaves. The cathedral has left bronzes which the breeze takes up. The Genil sleeps his oxen, and the Dauro his butterflies. The night arrives laden with its hills of shadow; one shows her shoes between the silk lace flounces, the older opens wide her eyes, and the younger half-closes hers. Who will they be, those three, with high breasts and long trains? Why do they wave their handkerchiefs? Where will they go at these hours? Granada, Elvira Street, where the Manolas live, who go to the Alhambra, in threes and fours, alone.


Zaragoza family centers are located in the city center and one in the suburbs ( 15 km ) . But all give you the opportunity to stroll through its quiet streets and have some tapas!!! .

All families welcome their students with great hospitality and care. The most important thing for them is that students will have great memories of your stay with them.

In Zaragoza families they are delivered 100% to the groups and become the Spanish families of students. The experience creates a good relationship between families and students that lasts many years.


The family center of Salamanca is located in the city center . The families are all very close to the meeting point. Salamanca has a pedestrian center where the students can walk and use to make shopping. Families are very welcoming and we have been working together for many years. In Salamanca surely you will feel at home.