Adults and Seniors Programs

//Adults and Seniors Programs


 Does our agency specialize in groups of adults?

Viajes Cum Laude offers a wide range of cultural, recreational and thematic programs. We also make customized programs for each group.

Below, we present some of our programs:

Weekend getaways to Barcelona, Madrid, Seville… enjoying each city.

Stays in the main spanish cities to discover them from the within.

Culture? Art? Leisure? A mix which enables us to know Barcelona and Catalonia from its artists: Gaudí, Miró, Dalí, Picasso …

Let’s seduce you using the tours of the different Spanish regions:
Following the footsteps of the Romanesque art in Catalonia.
Madrid in the heart of the Castilla.
Wonderful Andalucía.

Interactive programs with group activities:
Paella Workshop.
Bike tours.
Sevillanas classes.

Special for Seniors:
Different sides of Catalonia.
Discovering Andalusia.

If you wish to customize a program or inquire details about our programs, please send us an email from CONTACT
Cum Laude Travel knows that travelling is an illusion without age.