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Viajes CumLaude is a Spanish incoming travel agency, accredited by the ACAV (Catalan Association of Travel Agencies) and with our head office located in the heart of Barcelona.


Cum Laude works with those who want to specialize in the organization of adult holiday tours and / or educational tours all over Spain. All our itineraries are designed to support your aim, whether it is the discovery of the culture, the language or the sports.

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Our team of bilingual experts travel agents is always here to help you and assist you.
We know our destinations and subjects inside out, so we have what it takes to turn a good tour into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
We design and create tailor-made programs, products and services that adapt to the requirements and needs of all our groups.

> Students, for whom we organize short stays, foreign language tours or sports-based camps with accommodation in either families or hotels
> Adults 
> Seniors

Viajes Cum Laude has a wide selection of families all around Spain: more than 30 family centers in the most important cities and with more than 1.000 hosting families.


Viajes CumLaude: over 25 years’ experience taking care of 100,000 travelers

CumLaude has both incoming and outgoing departments:


We welcome students from all over Europe and organize tours with family or hotel accommodation across the Spanish territory (Catalunia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalucia, Northern Spain


We organize educational or foreign language tours, end-of-year school trips, ski weeks or one-day trips.


We are a Spanish travel agency located in Barcelona and we specialize in educational tours and adult groups, to all the main Spanish cities and regions such as Barcelona, Andalusia, Madrid, Valencia
 Our incoming department will welcome your groups and organize their programme, giving you advice on the best places to visit and what to do to enjoy and discover the Spanish culture and way of life at its best.

Our offices are located in the heart of Barcelona, near Plaza Catalunya. Our privileged central location allow us to know, first hand, all the services we offer to the groups that travel with us, to meet the host families personally, the guides, hotels and hostels as well as restaurants we offer.

Our offices are easily and directly accessible from both the airport and Sants train station.

Viajes CumLaude is your trusted travel agency.