Customized Programs

//Customized Programs


In Viajes CumLaude we are aware that each group has diferent characteristics, tastes and expectations.
We know that the key to a great program is to satisfy the needs and preferences of each group.

Our team of professionals has developed different programs for some of the most requested themes from our customers. Cum Laude, thanks to a wide rage of provider and contributors with more than 25 years as working in this field, can develop any thematic program. We have the help of our specialists and always add the important pedagogical parts.

That is why Viajes CumLaude tailores each program to the customer.

You just have to send us the information about your group:
–¬†Where you want to travel
–¬†Places you want to visit
–¬†How many people in the group and their ages
– Interest of the trip
–¬†Topics to study

All programs offer the possibility of accommodation with a family, or in a hotel or hostel.

Viajes CumLaude is specialized in student groups all thtoughout Spain. We have a wide variety  of programs, and we also offer customized programs to meet the needs of each group.

Some of the programs we are working:
– Sports and adventure
–¬†Internship in companies
– Renewable energy
– Farming and horticulture
– Art and Cinema